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27 Feb


When I started Michael’s Neill’s Supercoach Academy in January of 2016, he kicked off the training with two questions:

“Do you know where your experience of life comes from?”
“Do you know that you are God?”


My exploration of the principles, up to that point, had more than answered the first question. Yes, I knew, without a doubt, that my experience came 100% from inside me – from the dynamic interplay of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. I felt I had that one down.


It’s an inside-out world… yup, got it.

The second question was a little hazier. The best handle I could get on it went something like this: The way the word God is used in our culture is analogous to the way the word Mind is used in the Principles. Everything comes from Mind, and that special “spark” that animates me into life is a physical manifestation of Mind. And, sure, if that Mind energy is what powers my whole experience, then I guess I’m God… or at least “of God.”

Lately, though, I’ve been seeing the answer to that question in a more profound way.

I no longer think that “Do I know I am God?” refers only to the fact that I am powered by the energy behind life. I think it refers to the fact that I am, quite literally, the Creator of my entire reality.

In my own experience, and my work with others, I’ve seen that understanding where our experience comes from can be an extremely powerful portal to lessening suffering, and to getting in touch with inner peace, joy and our innate well being. This is all fantastic, and certainly leads to a much more enjoyable life. But I always had a feeling that there was something more to the puzzle…

Not to sound too greedy, but I wanted more than an enjoyable life. I wanted it all: The chewy prize in the center, the complete knowing that I’d reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I think seeing the truth of one’s role as the almighty Creator is that chewy center. The key to unlocking the mysteries of life. The end of all seeking, the end of any desire to look to the experience of another for answers, the final proof that the thing we seek is truly only found within.

I’ve come to see that the culture we’re raised in obscures this fact. We’ve been trained since birth to look to the world outside us for answers: To look to ancient scriptures, dogma, sages and gurus to understand our deepest yearnings. This was done purposefully, because a person who feels small, inadequate and unsure is more easily manipulated.

If the truth were known in the heart of every person, the truth of his or her infinite power, then there would be no need for the masses to depend on the outside structure of religions and philosophies to feel safe.

Because if we know the extent of our power – the power to imagine and create and manipulate universes at will, our power to connect to the desires of our soul and to manifest those desires into form, the power to think and feel and to simultaneously have freedom beyond those thoughts and feelings – we’d see that it’s ridiculous to let the crystallized thoughts of another create walls and boundaries inside what is rightfully our infinite playground.


With love,

xo Mindy

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